Past Concerts

5 Oct 2019
Bassoon and Baroque concertos
Bassoon Soloist: Angharad Thomas
Telemann 4 violin concerto in D Major
Handel Goncerto Grosso Op6 No7
Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto in E Minor RV484
Vivaldi Autumn from the Four Seasons
Telemann Bassoon and 2 Violin Concerto
Vivaldi Summer from the Four Seasons

6 April 2019
Vivaldi Concertos

Soloists Ishani Bhoola, Karen Stevenson and Alison Strange
Vivaldi cello concerto
Vivaldi violin and Cello Concerto
Vivaldi Concerto Grosso in D minor
Vivaldi Violin Concerto in E Major
Vivaldi Autumn from the Four Seasons

24 November 2018
Handel Concerto Grosso
Handel Süße Stille – Sung by James Way
Bach E Major Violin Concerto – Soloist Ishani Bhoola
Handel German arias
Vivaldi Concerto Grosso in D Major
Vivaldi Winter from the Four Seasons

20 October 2018
JS & CPE Bach Concertos
CPE Bach: Cello Concerto: Soloist Trevor Handy
JS Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No 4:Susan Milan & Susie Walsh Flutes,   Ishani Bhoola Violin
JS Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No 5: Susan Milan Flute,   Ishani Bhoola Violin
JS Bach: Brandburg Concerto No 2

26 May 2018 – Competition Finalists
The finalists of the Haslemere String Competition
– Carys Barnes Violin age 17
– Matthew Lloyd-Wilson Violin age 19
– Jude Chander Double Bass age 15
will be performing with Lydia Lowndes-Northcott viola From the Tippett Quartet, International Soloist and Violin Teacher Lorenz Gamma and Members of the Waverley Ensemble Ishani Bhoola and Ben Rogerson.
Haydn String Quartet Op.33 No.2
Mendelssohn String Quartet Op.44 No.1
Dvorak String Quintet

14 April 2018
Italian and German Baroque Chamber Music
Susan Milan Flute, Ishani Bhoola Violin
Jayne Spencer Cello, Daniel King Smith Harpsichord
Handel Trio Sonata No 6 HMV391
Vivaldi Cello sonata RV44
JS Bach Trio Sonata from Musical Offering BWV1079
Handel Violin Sonata Op1 No 4
CPE Bach Flute Sonata H.505

10th March 2018
An Evening of Music by Vivaldi
Vivaldi Violin and Cello Concerto – Soloists Ishani Bhoola Violin and Bozidar Vukotic
Telemann Viola Concerto Soloist- Alinka Rowe
Vivaldi Concerto for Two Cellos – Soloists Bozidar Vukotic and Ben Rogerson
Summer from the Four Seasons – Soloist Ishani Bhoola

26th November 2016
Telemann – Violin Concerto for 3 Violins
Vivaldi – Violin Concerto for 3 Violins
Bach – 2nd Orchestral Suite
Corelli and Handel Concerto Grossi
Soloists Violins – Ishani Bhoola, Anna Dryer Beers, Zoe Ebron; Flute – Susan Milan

22nd October 2016
Vivaldi – Double Violin and Cello Concerto
Boccherini- Cello Concerto in G Major
Handel- Trio Sonata
Corelli- Concerto Grosso
Soloists: Cello – Trevor Handy, Violin – Ishani Bhoola, Oboe – Louisa Handy

18th June 2016
Telemann Concerto for Four Violins
Vivaldi Cello Concerto- Cello: Gregory Bennett Walmsley
Telemann Viola Concerto – Viola: Anna Dryer Beers
Boccherini String Quintet
Corelli Concerto Grosso

16th April 2016
CPE Bach – Sinfonia in B minor
Telemann – Flute, Violin and Cello Concerto
– Soloists Susan Milan, Ishani Bhoola and Andrew Taylor
Purcell Suite from The Fairy Queen
Bach Arias Soloist Amanda O’Brien

3rd October 2015
A recital for voices and piano forte with Louise Eekelaar, Eleanor Rastall, and Jennifer Carter
If Music Be the Food of Love
A historical musical mystery tour featuring Louise Eekelaar (soprano), Eleanor Rastall (soprano), and Jennifer
Carter (piano).

26th September 2015
Directed by Gillian Findlay
Geminiani – Concerto Grosso
Purcell – Abdelazer Suite
Telemann – Flute and Violin Concerto
Vivaldi – The Four Seasons: Spring
Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.5

10th October 2015
Excelsis Chamber Choir and The Waverley Ensemble     Directed by Robert Lewis
Performance at St Alban’s Church, Tilford Road, Hindhead
Programme of music by Vivaldi, Osgood and Handel

21st November 2015
Performance at St Christopher’s Church
Programme of music by Geminiani, Vivaldi, Corelli, Purcell and Bach