Welcome to The Waverley Ensemble! We run exciting and high quality baroque concerts in Haslemere and its surroundings; many with guest soloists who are top international performers. Most of our concerts are  in St Christopher’s Church. We are delighted to cooperate with other local groups such as Imagine That Productions  and TBS.

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Changes due to the COVID Virus situation

We regret very much that the 2021 String Competition is postponed until 2023 and any paid entries will be refunded

Concerts planned for 2020 an 13 March 2021 are cancelled. Our next concert is planned for Saturday 20 May 2021. Details to follow

Masterclass with Five Violinists from Hampshire County Youth Orchestra working with the leader of the London Philharmonic Orchestra Pieter Schoeman

Monday 15 February 2-00 to 5-00pm GMT

Pieter Sch

Full details and Tickets  (£3-00) from


Flute Masterclass with
Karen Jones  

Karen is Professor of Flute at the Royal Academy of Music

Issigeac International Music Academy
2 day course in Exmoor Devon
22-23 May 2021

Details HERE

Friends Scheme

Our concerts typically cost over £1,700 but ticket sales amount to £1,200 or less. We want to keep our prices low and affordable so we rely on the Friends Scheme and other donations and grants to be able to continue. Please consider joining the Friends Scheme – details of updated scheme HERE.     Currently the Friends scheme is suspended and we will be contacting Friends individually.

Future Concerts & Tickets

Next concerts are being planned for 13 March and 20 May 2021

Winner of the Haslemere String Competition 2019

Will Duerden – double bass

Will Duerden presented by patron George Burnett

Playing Tubin Concert for Double bass

Runner up

Jude Chandler – double bass

Playing Dittersdorf Double Bass Concerto Movement 1

Specially commended

Briona Mannion – violin

Watch 10 minute excellent YouTube video about the Competition and hear young players say how much it helps them – click to watch

“You’re providing an invaluable building block for these talented youngsters. Keep it rolling!” – Sophie Langdon, violinist, Farnham

“I have had the pleasure of presenting students for this competition since it started two years ago.  I had no idea that they would be so successful and that the completion would be so well run. As a Double bass Professor it is extremely rare, even unheard of for a competition to be so bass friendly and unbiased. It is relaxed and the students feel completely at ease and encouraged to play their best. The early rounds were supportive in a way I have never experienced before. Ishani knows exactly how to create an atmosphere where the students feel comfortable. The judges are seasoned musicians without attitude and have given very open and helpful remarks on the performances. For any string player this competition will give the student a valuable experience that they will remember for life. The Church where the final is has a wonderful atmosphere and sound for strings, and particularly for the bass, which is very unusual also.”

Caroline Emery
Professor of Double Bass Royal College of Music and Yehudi Menuhin School

See details here